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Image of Tube Bending Machine

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Front Forkstem Auto Forming M/C - HT-30-060

Image of Front Forkstem Auto Forming M/C - HT-30-060
Image of Front Forkstem Auto Forming M/C - HT-30-060
Image of Front Forkstem Auto Forming M/C - HT-30-060


To execute fork stem from doming, drawing, cutting, chamfering, expanding, threading, slot cutting, and re-forming in one machine.


Item Description HT-30-060
Machine Function Suitable Working Range Suitable tube: ∮28.6mm X 3mmT X 170mmL
Production 450 pcs/HR
Function Head Rounding, Tube Drawing, Cutting, Chamfering, Tube Expanding, Threading, Slot Making, Punching and Trimming
Mode (Auto/Semi-Auto/Manual) Auto
Change-over time 30 Minutes
Hydrauic power 1. Tube Drawing: 15HP X 6P (Hydraulic Motor)
2. Head Rounding: 5HP X 4P (Hydraulic Motor)
3. Cutting: 5HP X 4P (Hydraulic Motor)Cutter Motor: : 3HP X 4P X 2
4. Chamfering, Threading and Slot Making: 5HP X 4P (Hydraulic Motor)Motor for Chamfering Tool: 2HP X 6P X 2 Motor for Threading Tool: 5HP X 4P
5. Tube Expanding and Punching: 10HP X 4P Hydraulic Motor, Motor for Slot Making: 1HP X 4P
6. Trimming: 5HP X 4P (Hydraulic Motor)
Electricity consumption 32.4 KW
Air consumption 460.5 L/MIN
Electrical Control Power source AC 220V, 3 phase 50/60 HZ (or other assigned voltage)
Machine Outlook Machine Color Shuz Tung green color or as request
Air Pressure 4.5〜6 kg/cm²
Hydraulic Pressure 1. Tube Drawing: 130 kg/cm² for the high pressure.
2. Head Rounding: 100 kg/cm²
3. Cutting: 35 kg/cm²
4. Chamfering and Threading: 25 kg/cm²
5. Tube Expanding and Punching: 150 kg/cm²
6. Trimming: 100 kg/cm²
Dimension (L×W×H) A. Tube Drawing Table: 3900 × 1200 × 1450 MM
B. Conveying Rack: 1330 × 480 × 1030 MM
C. Main Machine: 3500 × 2300 × 2050 MM
Net Weight 9700 KGS
Tooling Spec. Clamper Sample support
Drawing mold Sample support
Expanding mold Sample support
Shifting mold ∮A:25.4
Locating jig ∮A:31.75
Lower clamper ∮A:25.4
Clamper ∮A:25.4
Punching mold Sample support