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Bike Production Machine For Fork Preparation


Swaging Machine - HT-20-010/A

Image of Swaging Machine - HT-20-010/A   Image of Swaging Machine - HT-20-010/A


Specifications / Model 2 Pcs Model Type 4 Pcs Model Type Max. Piple Length(mm) Max. Swaging Length(mm) HP
Outlook(cm) Weight
Suitable O.D.(mm) Cycle Time Suitable O.D.(mm) Cycle Time
Auto Semi-Auto 330A/S 15.88-32x1.2T 8 sec/pc X X 760 300 10.13 327x95x158 2424
400A/S 15.88-32x1.2T 16 sec/pc 25-50x1.2T 12 sec/pc 760 360 10.13 415x121x159 3840
600A/S 15.88-32x1.2T 24 sec/pc 25-50x1.2T 20 sec/pc 800 560 10.13 470x120x159 4200
800A/S 15.88-32x1.2T 34 sec/pc 25-50x1.2T 30 sec/pc 1000 760 10.13 518x108x160 4458
400LA/S 15.88-32x1.2T 40 sec/pc 40-72x1.6T 14 sec/pc 760 360 13.88 415x143x163 4200
600LA/S 25-50x1.2T 40 sec/pc 40-72x1.6T 16 sec/pc 800 560 17.6 470x143x163 4800
Manual(*) 330M 32x1.2T 8 sec/pc X X X 300 7.7 132x83x143 1730
400M 32x1.2T 10 sec/pc 50x1.2T 13 sec/pc X 360 7.7 135x90x145 2200

Remark: Swaging job not able to execute up to close end (as solid end).