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Bike Production Machine For Handlebar Process

Auto Handlebar Bending Machine - DB3100


Auto loading & feeding -> dual bending heads to execute 2 bends at same time -> press forming 2 bends at same time -> unloading.


Item Description DB3100
Machine Function Bending Capacity Ø19.05~25.4 x1.4 MM
Range of Bending Radius (CLR) R40~60 MM
Range of Bending 60°
Length of Tube 550~800 MM
Max. Turning Angle of Tube 20°
Min. Straight Length of Handlebar Center 45 MM
Min. Press Forming Angle 60°
Production 15 SEC/PC
Feature Touch Screen Display
Machine Outlook Dimension (L×W×H) 3600 × 2650 × 2350 MM
Net Weight 2500 KGS

CNC Bender (4 Axes 3 Stacks) - CNC38BR3


Auto feeding, rotating, bending and manual loading/unloading tube.


Item Description CNC38BR3
Machine Function Suitable Working Range Max Tube Dia 38 mm
Max Thickness: 2 mm
Max. Bending Angle: 190 degrees
Max Bending Radius: 200 mm
Function BEDING
Accuracy Bending Accuracy +0.05 °
Turning Accuracy +0.1 °
Feeding Accuracy +0.1mm
Hydrauic power 22 HP
Length of Mandrel 3500 mm
Max. Program Space 40 GB
Working Speed Bending Speed 150°/sec
Turning Speed 240°/sec
Feeding Speed 1 ~ 1000 mm/sec
Electrical Control Power source 380V/3P/50Hz or as request
Servo Bending / Feeding / Roating
Machine Outlook Machine Color Shuz Tung green color or as request
Dimension (L×W×H) 4000 × 1070 × 1300 mm
Net Weight 2500 kgs
Tooling Spec. Bending die & Clamping die & Pressure die & Wiper & Manderl Sample support